Managed Services

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Outright IT - Managed Services
IT Support
Internet and Cloud Services
Project Management
Technology Advisory Services - Virtual CIO

Desktop/POS/Server Support

Outright IT understands that desktops, POS, and servers are the lifeblood of any modern business. We provide always-on remote and on-site support for any and all systems, ensuring your business has maximum uptime.

Backup and Disaster Avoidance

Using a range of traditional and cloud-based technologies, our team can implement a comprehensive backup and disaster avoidance strategy to get your systems back up and running if major system failures occur.

Hosted Backup In Port Melbourne / Co-Location

Outright IT hosts cloud backups in Port Melbourne for high-speed recovery and data transfer. We offer co-location services for 1:1 backups of all your business data for greater peace of mind.

Patching and Update Management

Outright IT monitors your software packages to ensure deployment of the latest security and performance optimisation packages across your systems without interrupting core business operations.

General Application Support

Outright IT are experts in all facets of application support, providing general support for major business applications such as Office 365, Windows Server, Linux, and other programs without using complicated jargon.

Connectivity Management

We assist businesses manage incoming and outgoing connections and monitor traffic for DDoS spikes and higher demand periods. We can ramp up connectivity for web traffic, internal networks, and VoIP.

UPS Monitoring

Outright IT is proactive monitors of your Uninterruptible Power Supplies, identifying faults and potential outages before they occur.

Job Ownership and Management

Outright IT offers a comprehensive suite of services, responsible for the management of all facets of IT management. Outright fixes the problem without delegating tasks to unknown third parties, allowing for quicker solutions.

Wireless Connectivity

Our team can install and optimise your wireless networks, or design a solution to transition from wired networking to wireless. We can help ensure greater flexibility for your systems with wireless and cloud solutions.